About Us

We are IAC accredited and our physicians are board-certified surgeons and specialists who utilize cutting edge technology to improve patients’ quality of life. We provide office-based lab services (OBL) which allow for procedures to be done in a less invasive manner. This allows for little to no down time and no hospitalization requirements.


United Fibroid & Vascular Centers have undergone a thorough review of its operational and technical components by a panel of experts in the field.


Our facility upholds processes that are in compliance with national standards.


All our locations have standards in place for patient and personnel safety.


United Vein & Vascular Centers accreditation is valid for a period of three years.


As a patient, you can have confidence that all our IAC-accredited facilities performing your treatment are committed to quality patient care.


United Fibroid & Vascular Centers’ physicians and providers are nationally-recognized and fully dedicated to the vascular healthcare field. Through superior knowledge and state-of-the-art medical technology, our staff help patients improve their quality of life by eliminating symptoms.

United Fibroid & Vascular Centers cares about your health, not just your symptoms. Everyone from our front desk assistants to our board-certified doctors want to make your experience as comfortable and worthwhile as possible. They will make sure you are well educated on the treatment prior to the procedure, providing knowledgeable answers to all your questions.

Not only will our team brief you on the process, but we will also inform you on everything you need to know about post-procedure care and how to keep the issues from recurring. Fibroid treatment demands attention from start to finish, and our dedicated physicians will make sure they provide you with the best resources and care, in order to deliver long-lasting, satisfactory results.